Scotland’s Most Innovative Property Developer for over 35 Years

A responsible approach to development

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, looking at the environmental, social and economic implications of our business decisions. We’re proud to be at the forefront of Edinburgh’s conservation and redevelopment programme and we put responsible sustainability at the very heart of everything we do. We proactively engage with councils, special interest groups and the local community to ensure that we best serve the needs of everyone, from our employees, suppliers and contractors, to our customers and their future neighbours.

Ultimately, it’s our award-winning developments which best tell our story – completed, current and future!

It's all in the Details.

Our success is based upon the core principles of design, innovation and quality. Our commitment to these principles is intrinsic in all our developments, from the first sketch on a blank piece of paper to the final brushstroke on a skirting board.

We work with award-winning architects, who we feel have the right vision for a particular site, then give them free rein to be creative. We embrace new materials, technologies and techniques to ensure an AMA home is low maintenance, energy efficient and future proof. And we constantly monitor, refine and improve every step of the construction process to deliver the quality of home our clients expect.

Over 35 years of customer satisfaction.

With an award-winning residential and commercial property business, successful investment portfolios and a high quality construction company, AMA has certainly grown since its formation in 1983. But our success has been achieved by hard work and a clear focus on the needs of our clients.

AMA began as a family business and remains a family business. The four brothers – Ali, Mike, Behzad and Behnam – are completely hands-on at every stage of development, from the site purchase, through design and construction, to the marketing and sales. And with this intimate involvement throughout the process, they demand the highest standards because, for them, it’s personal.