Alvernia Gardens. Liberton, Edinburgh

Sensitive and spectacular

Alvernia Gardens was lovingly designed around two charming landscaped cloisters, which are part of the 100-year-old Mount Alvernia convent. The convent closed in 1992 and its potential development was a sensitive issue – it is the resting place of 24 nuns. AMA’s carefully considered plan was given blessing by the council and the catholic church in 1998. The scheme created four new residential blocks to blend in beautifully with the fine Victorian architecture of the original building. A series of spectacular apartments and terraced houses were created, many featuring ingeniously designed kitchens and living areas, double-height ceilings, elegant gallery areas, and beautiful walled gardens. The four new blocks complemented the character of the old convent and made an architectural statement in their own right. A crowning feature of the development is a wonderful open space surrounded by covered walks and open galleries that gives an inspiring feeling of peace and tranquillity.

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