Palmerston. West End, Edinburgh.

The best in city living

At Palmerston Place AMA brought vibrant new life to homes built between 1860 and 1880 that feature some of the finest work of architects John Lessels and John Chesser.

Although they had been used as offices, at AMA we realised that many of the elegant Georgian and Victorian residences that graced this area were being returned to their original residential use.

Our plans involved the creation of 28 luxurious apartments, each with off street parking.

These ‘B’ listed buildings were carefully and sympathetically returned to their former glory. Original period features were retained and in many cases improved.

All the apartments were beautifully proportioned and finished to the highest specification. One stunning feature was the creation of a captivating main entrance hall fitted with Italian marble.

The completed development’s combination of a central location, classic Victorian architecture, and AMA craftsmanship offers the best in city living.

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