Caer Amon detached homes. Cramond, Edinburgh.

Plot 89, Floor Plan; 5 bedroom detached house (type C+) with parking space £1,100,000

These houses are open for viewing from 11am-5pm Thursday-Monday.

A mix of 22 detached villas, 28 terraced and court houses and 32 apartments & Penthouses set in the beautiful village of Cramond, Edinburgh.

AMA Caer Amon is synonymous with the pioneering heritage of Cramond. It is a marriage of originality with local influence, terraced townhouses with penthouse apartments and aesthetics with environment.

The architecture echoes bygone times of white washed walls and slate roofs, and traditional lead detailing providing a contemporary Art and Craft style of architecture.

AMA Caer Amon is as impressive as it is understated. Clean crisp lines echo the quiet sanctuary of the conservation area, while working together to form generously proportioned, light filled rooms.


Watch a film about The Caer Amon Detached Houses

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